The litter of Silke Nyssa van het Molengat and Chappers Eyes on Me are born at August 13, 5 males and 2 females!
Silke and children are doing fine and Silke is a very sweet and caring mommy ♥
We are born with daughter and co-owner of the kennelname''van het Molengat'' Annemarie Dijksma living at Boelenslaan (Friesland)

September 27;

The ladies and gentlemen love to play outside ♥

September 25;

Our sweeties ♥

September 18;

It's lovely weather the past few days so we are playing in the sun ♥

12 September;

Some randome pictures of our sweet couple ♥

September 7;

It's raining outside but inside were having fun! ♥

September 1;

We taste some soft meat for the very first time and we like it a lot! ♥

August 30;

A couple of satisfied puppies ♥

August 26;

A Schapendoes is looking at you! ♥

August 23;

We are 10 days old and the eyes can open any day now, now we just have to wait ♥

August 17,18 and 19;

Some pictures and video's of the past few days.

August 16;

May we present our pedigreenames with a B, fltr;
Bae (male), Boesje (female), Blossom (female), Batou (male), Baylor (male), Brody (male) and Bravour (male)♥

August 15;

Safe with mommy ♥

Lots of cleaning by mom!

At June 16 2018 Silke Nyssa van het Molengat and Chappers Eyes on Me had a succesful date at Beddingestrand Sweden!
It was love at first sight ♥

Parents need to be tested at all times like the P.R.A dna examination and eyeexamination once a year at an eyespecialist for other eyediseases with the Schapendoezen.
Although it is not mandatory with the Schapendoezen we test our dogs also for HD= hipdysplasie and ED=elbowdysplasie

Always ask for the official papers and don't buy if you can't see these papers or the mother!!

Puppies grow up in our house and when they are old enough and the weather is good they may play and run around outside, they get a pedigree, get puppyinjections and are de-wormed several times.

The puppies also get a DNAprofile, this is mandatory since 1 Juni 2014.