Behaviour and obedience ;

We did'nt make it a very big manual, but we give a few examples of what you perhaps can do, what we've done ourselves and what we still do.

Puppytraining Merel (Yasmijn Liselotte van het Molengat) with Ineke Dijksma

Puppytraining Silke and Xelly with Annemarie Dijksma

Annemarie sheepherding with Nyssa.


Puppytraining is something we can advice to everyone.
We have good experiences with Bouviers as well as Schapendoezen.
As soon as you have a pup it's of great importance that he/she learns the rules within the family.
By consequence and being clear about everything (not say he can do something and the next time not), you will manage a lot!
He also has to get used to strange things and noices, the so called socialisation.
The first four months are of great importance for the socialisation of the dog and the more attention you give this the more you get back.

A good reason to go with your pup to a puppytraining is that he gets used to other dogs.
He learns in a playful manner to walk with you, sit and lie down etc.
If you have certain questions around the education of your dog you can always ask the instructor of the puppycourse.
"The dog can only be happy if he feels save with a good leader"

Getting acquinted.


Because we go to dogshows ourselves we find it important to go to ringtraining for our Bouviers and Schapendoezen.
The dog has to be calm when he/she's touched by the ringmaster and may not react agressive against other dogs as well as the ringmaster.

We recently began ringtraining with our Bouvier Ilana Luna vh Molengat.

We had a lot to do with behaviour and obedience ourselves because we trained with our own dogs and we used to give lessons.
These were always nice practices in a relaxed mood nearby a forest in steenwijk.
From that point we went further with our Bouviers to Workdogtraining and Endurance.

Stay near the boss till he says to go.

make a suspect stand still,
a heavy job for the man in the suit!

After the puppycourse follows also for the Schapendoes a behaviour and obediencecourse.
From this point it's very interesting to look what to do more with your Schapendoes.
The Schapendoes is very suitable for Agility
A nice sport were they have to go over fences, through poles and through a tube, without making mistakes.
The Schapendoes is very flexible and a fast learner, so next to that you can also do Flyball.

Even the shepherd (Catrinus Homan) is very glad with the help of his Schapendoes.

There are many possibilities to go in training with your dog.
At the courses the contact and trust between boss and dog is tested.

Obedient dogI (GH I)
Obedient dogII (GH II)
Trafficsure dog (VZH)
Elementairy Obedience (EG)
Higher Elementairy Obedience (VEG)

Behaviour & Obedience (GG)
Endurance (UV) Good for boss and dog!


Winddogrun & Coursing

At the association for your dogs breed you can find were they give these courses.